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Please Share Positive Ideas, Useful Tools,  Or Technology That Has Helped In Your Ministry.

Capital Campaign: We used Church Growth Services to conduct two very successful fundraising campaigns. One was a capital campaign and one was a debt reduction campaign. Here is the contact information:

Church Growth Services, Bill Walter - Senior Consultant, 4560 S Ironwood Drive South Bend, IN 46614, 1-800-234-9853  You can contact Jack McClelland For More Information.


Church App: We had our church built for us by We were charged $200 for the android app and $200 for the iphone  app. They do have a build your own app with instructions when you become a part of their media delivery system. There is no charge for the android app once accepted by Google. Apple does charge a yearly fee of about $100 to be listed in the app store. You can call Rick Gillespie-Mobley at 216-338-5118 for more information.

Church Member Contact: For years we used the Phonetree system  to send our phone messages. The phonetree unit cost about $2200 but it allowed us to call everyone in the congregation or groups as needed. There was no charge for the calls, but they did not go out one call at a time.  We recently switched to a web based program called Dialmycalls.  It also allows you to call the entire church or particular groups.  The advantage  is that everyone gets the message immediately.  Messages can be sent via your smart phone from anywhere. Our cost is $45 for calling 200-300 numbers at a time. The cost for churches is cheaper than what is listed on their website. The smaller your church, the cheaper the cost.  We get 25 2 minute calls a month for the price we pay. We think its worth it. If you want to ask me about it, call Rick Gillespie-Mobley at 216-338-5118. is the website.

Evangelism Tool :  The one thing that has produced more visitors to our congregation than anything else has been our electronic church sign. We use it for advertising times of church services, events, bible studies etc.  But we also include bible verses, church billboard sayings, proverbs, secular wisdom,  thought questions, and community information.  People come to our church almost every week because of reading the sign. The sign came with a number of short videos and allows you to make your own videos to be displayed on the sign. Our sign came from sign In 2014 we paid $9500 for  a 48 by 112 light sign delivered to us.  You can find more information at   More information call Rick Gillespie-Mobley 215-338-5118.

Sermons Online: One of the easiest ways to have your audio sermons online is to open a free  account at  You can record your sermon on your cell phone and upload it to in a very short period of time. You can also have the sermons posted directly to your website. Audio sermons are free, if you want to have video sermons, there is a cost involved. You can call Rick Gillespie-Mobley at 216-338-5118 for more information.

Sunday School Materials Free:  If you want high quality Sunday School material that is free including  downloadable  videos to go with the lessons for all ages, then join church. The instructions are great for teachers and the kids will like the materials. You are under no obligation. All you need to do is to register with a good working e-mail.  No one is going to contact you to try to get you to purchase anything. You can examine everything before you use it.

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