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Hello Pastors GLP.


I hope you are doing well. In order to use the ECO-proud to protect, you have to register an account.  You can register an account for your church if you want your volunteers to take the training. The cost for that is $120 a year for the Adult Training which deals with both children and the elderly. Each of your members will get a certificate if they complete the course, and they take the course under your church's name. A record is sent to the church of all who have completed the training.


You can also  take the course as an ECO pastor.  You do not need to pay to do that. You must use this address to get to the page.  (click on the link)    Once on the page, you will choose create an account.  You will have to fill out a profile sheet with your chosen user-name and password.  You have to have an e-mail address.  After you complete the form you will have the option to choose whether you are registered under a church or a presbytery. As a pastor you should choose the GLP presbytery.  You then take the training.  The training takes about an hour and a half and you do not have to do it all in one setting.  The test is 25 questions and you have to score 23 out of 25 to pass.  You don't have to take the test in one setting. You can pick up where you left off.  You can take the test as many times as necessary to pass it.


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