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New Zoom User Guide For Great Lakes Presbytery



Welcome aboard! You’ve been invited to be a Zoom User within your company.  The administrator of your account may send you an invitation to create your Zoom login, or go directly to and click Log In in the upper right hand corner.    Our meeting room number or meeting id  for most regular meetings will be 427-959-3476.  You may use Zoom with either your laptop or your phone. Remember you need to have your camera on.  Please watch the View A Recorded Training Here down below if you have not used Zoom before.




  1. Download Zoom Client for Meetings.  This desktop client allows you to start instant meetings, check scheduled meetings and chat with other colleagues.

  2. Are you using Gmail or Outlook as an email provider? Be sure to download Zoom’s browser extension for Gmail, or the Outlook plugin for more efficient scheduling.

  3. Want to do meetings from your smart phone or tablet?  You can install Zoom Cloud Meetings on any iOS or Android device through your iTunes or Play Store.



If you’re more of a self-guided learner, I’ve included some links here:



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