You are invited to come aboard the Legacy City Church  shower train.

Hello Dear Friends and Colleagues in the Great Lakes Presbytery,

          We are thrilled to inform you of a very special event that will happen at the upcoming Presbytery meeting in Cleveland on October 4 and 5. We're going to be holding a "shower" for a new church plant in the Cleveland area called Legacy Church.

          Let me explain. Keon Abner, the son of Pastors Rick and Toby Mobely-Gillespie has been called to plant or begin a new church in the Cleveland area. He has been working very hard to that end for about two years including seminary classes. Keon has put into place a number of things necessary including an oversight board. He has had numerous and lengthy fruitful discussions with ECO officials at the National Level. He has and is doing all that is required to begin this new church and is projecting the "launch" in about a years time. 


        We, as members of his greater family; the Presbytery, have an opportunity to show our support of Keon, his team and his new church family. Thus, the shower! We are asking every church in our Presbytery to be prepared to make a presentation to Keon at the October Presbytery meeting. There is an attachment to this e-mail that contains some of the items needed by Legacy Church in order to launch. As you and your church consider what you might wish to do for Legacy church, may we offer a few ideas to stir up your creative juices.

  • Perhaps your church would place into your 2020 church budget the amount necessary to cover the "Start Up" expenses listed on the attachment.

  • Perhaps your church would partner with another church in our Presbytery and commit to splitting the amount needed to fund another item on the "shower list". Again, these expenditures can easily be deferred to your 2020 budget.

  • Perhaps your church would like to purchase some of the 250 ESV Bibles Legacy Church would like to have.

  • Or perhaps, your church would just like to make a one-time monetary gift to Keon. (Your gift could be effective immediately - present his a check, or you may wish to present Keon with a letter stating that in 2020 with your new church budget in place a check will be issued and sent.)

  • You may choose to present Keon with a letter informing him that your church is going to do a special offering, or perhaps a "mission offering" every month for the entire 2020 calendar year.

  • One other idea, for those of us who simply do not have funding to send or to purchase items. Perhaps your church would commit to pray for Legacy Church for a month or a season (Advent, Lent...), or for the entire 2020 calendar. If you choose to do something like that can we suggest your church have a prayer card made and then present one of those prayer cards to Keon as a representation of what your church will be doing for Legacy.

    Thanks your consideration and participation; blessings to you and yours,
    Nancy Dumford             Earl Dunbar            Mike Baynai 

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